We live in an ecosystem of excess, not only in our physical world but also in our digital lives. Increasing access to information and products, overproduction and mass consumption have created a culture of monotony.  This society of plenty has alienated us from our surroundings. However, it also offers a great opportunity for fresh ideas. The question is: how we can reconnect to the objects we interact with, without contributing to the global waste problem? Over a hundred future designers and artists from the Willem de Kooning Academy have developed extraordinary hybrid objects that explore this question and offer new insights in our everyday objects. Through a process of intuitive design strategies (wordplay,visual association) and digital fabrication, they combined familiar objects, products and tools, giving these discarded appliances a second life: as 'redesigns'.  Their objects confront us with the use of our daily life products and give new meaning to our habits. The 'redesigns' position themselves somewhere between life and hacks, product and design. They can be freely downloaded, modified and distributed through the (Creative Commons / copyleft) license and will eventually be published on the Pirate Bay.


REDESIGN revision one
a WdKA pop-up exhibition,
Roodkapje, Teilingerstraat 128

February 21-23, 2014.
Opening: Friday February 21, 5 PM.


REDESIGN is a multidisciplinary elective course at the Willem de Kooning Academy and is part of the Open Design program. Instructor: Dennis de Bel.


All the works that are released under a Creative Commons License have been uploaded on WeTransfer and are available for download until 27-02-2014 HERE (185Mb).

Better yet, download and SEED the Torrent HERE (piratebay) (203.7Mb) or alternatively HERE (piratebay unblocked proxy) (203.7Mb).

Included in the download is: